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Sorrow looks back, worry looks around, faith looks up.

Problems are challenges sent  to make you stronger. Yet we often despair that we are overburdened with problems and develop a negative mind set. This negativity pervades within us and soon we are wallowing in self pity. Half our life then goes in looking back at the ‘good old days gone by’ and instead of reminiscing them, the predominant image in our minds is those sorrowful moments when failure, tragedy, death etc. have paid us a visit.

The next half of our lives, when we have a negative mindset is looking around anticipating the next set of problems and consequentially  living our lives in constant worry that the good times won’t last. The sorrow and worry are rationalized by us to set up a belief that we are paying for our past sins and that we are condemned to a life of pain, unhappiness and misery. This thought process clouds the true meaning of life given to us viz to enjoy the wonders of god’s creation and to be grateful for the blessings we have in abundance.

Faith is that beacon that lights up our life, shows the path ahead and cheers the heart. Faith is not just belief in the supreme being – GOD but is even more personal; belief in our self. Faith  instills in us confidence, courage and conviction that if we seek happiness it will be ours – as much as we are promised the sun every morning.

Remember : If you keep our face to sun, you will never see your shadow.

Try these

  • Visit a home for the physically challenged / mentally challenged /  the blind etc. Ask your self,  if your troubles are anywhere close to theirs?
  • Can you fix up a routine to ensure that you can spend some time with any of these people and helping them with your talents.
  • Start your morning with a prayer and a song and smile and reverse the process when you go to bed.

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Bobby Jacob

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