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Prayer moves the hand that moves the world.
John Aikman Wallace

There is a higher order that is difficult to understand for us human beings. It is faith in the supreme that energizes us, gives us hope and fills our hearts with peace. Prayer is a medium to reach out to God, a channel for dialogue with God and an instrument that steady’s our journey on the pathway of life.

The difficulty with prayer is that often we are impatient for the answers. God answers us in many ways, alas we do not listen but look around for proof that he is with us. Our search for proof unfortunately is more in the realms of  finding tangible benefits for ourselves and occasionally accepting that sorrows and troubles are also Gods ways of make us stronger.

God always hears our prayers. However he may not answer it in the way we want to hear. You may get a response that is far more surprising and rewarding in the long-term, but it may look and sound like an unanswered prayer in the short-term. God runs a tight ship; he will have to be tough and so we may not get all that we seek but you can be sure he knows each of us intimately and ensure that we are given our due in course of time. Believe that the God never forsakes.

Remember :In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

Try these

  • Make your prayer spontaneous like a chat with a friend. Reduce the ritualistic and focus on a dialogue – share your troubles, confide your needs and express your thanks for the fruits of God ‘s love that you have received.
  • While there is no specific time for prayer, it would be wonderful idea to start your day and end your day with a prayer.
  • Explore formal prayers of other religions and you will discover that Love is central to all prayers as is faith in God and belief in his infinite love and mercy.

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