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It is easy to be rich…

Monetary riches are tangible, easy to identify and hence envied by many. It also has tremendous value, influence and power for it is a common

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Life is like playing Tetris

Tetris is still a fun game even long years after it was created. Yet visualizing the subtle message in Tetris has been an eye opener

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Desire ignites action

Unless there is the inner urge, the desire to attain something, we would rarely make the effort to attain it. This desire is the self

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Let your dreams lead you

For a rather long stretch of time for a variety of reasons my blog posts were not being regularly updated. While the issues that confronted

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Be happy no matter what…

Make it a point to look out for the smiles, the joy and the gay abandon with which people live their lives and you would

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It is OK to make mistakes.

Assert your right to make a few mistakes. If people can’t accept your imperfections, that’s their fault.  Dr. David M. Burns Perfection is what is

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