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25- Desire ignites actionUnless there is the inner urge, the desire to attain something, we would rarely make the effort to attain it. This desire is the self motivation that holds the key to proactive initiatives, creative problem solving and sustained effort to attain one’s goal. Desire is the ignition that starts us on our journey. It is also the ignition that restarts our journey if and when we have to halt along the way. However desire must not be confused with interests. Often, we have numerous interests, largely fueled by the ongoing craze or trends. For many exploring these interests are a fad that momentarily captures our imagination and motivates us fleetingly. However, desire is a much deeper, more personal and sustained feeling to peruse and pursue a passion.

To know and recognize your desire look for the following:

Do you constantly think about it?

Do you naturally allay with people in that field?

Do you get creative insights on the same?

Do you experience a feeling of fulfillment when thinking or pursuing something?

Are you constantly talking about it or reading about it?

It is also vital that you appreciate how a strong desire leads to success

A strong desire creates passion in you

It enables one to delve deeper into the subject

It helps transform intent into action

It helps one find creative ways of fulfillment

It helps one sustain when the going is tough

Making desire work to your advantage requires you to do the following

Identify your passion and let your desire help you study up on it, in detail

Ensure your desire is transcribed into black and white on paper

Commit yourself to a start date and begin in earnest

Share your vision with your inner circle of friends and well wishers

Accept their feedback, analyze the same, incorporate changes but pursue your desire

Be prepared to face setbacks, delays, criticism, self doubt and frustration but let your desire consume it all and motivate you to keep pursuing your dreams.

Try these:

  1. List out at least 5 different activities that you always wanted to explore but haven’t done so. E.g learn how to be a good photographer, go on a jungle safari, explore your creative side as a writer/ poet/ artist / actor etc.
  2. Identify the impediments to you pursuing your passionate desire. Here is a list to help you get going.
  • Lack of finances
  • Fear of failure
  • Negative feedback from others
  • Self doubt and lack of confidence
  • Not having the time

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