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20-1A-05-01-20Things to do in 2020

20-1B-05-01-207 things to Quit in 2020

We are entering a wow decade of 2020 and what a wonderful opportunity lies ahead of us to make this a super productive decade, beginning with this year.

Among the numerous New Year wishes that came, the above two resonated in a special way because it gives direction and specific targets to aim for . Traditionally making New Year Resolutions was the norm; it still continues, perhaps not as overtly as in the past years. Perhaps borrowing a couple of ideas from the above and adding it to your New Year Resolution list would help make the coming year and the decade of the 2020’s more meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding.

The trick is to choose from both lists; make things happen and eliminate what has been bogging one down. To begin with check out your list of resolutions; put an end date to the one you have yet to act on; begin NOW. If you are already thinking that you cannot, look at the first item on the second list. Stop believing you are not capable of executing, completing and ticking of your resolutions. Begin NOW.

Make a note of how much you this week, this month and the months ahead by picking and choosing from the above lists as well as ticking of things from your list of resolutions for the New Year. Make the 20’s count; only you can do it- YOURSELF.

Try these:           

  • Make 52 chits, each one containing one proverb or saying or quote that you like ( each chit should have a different proverb/ saying or quote). Each week pick a chit at random and make that your theme for the week.  Use it in your interactions, your attitude, your beliefs and above all make it part of your actions.
  • Keep a penance jar. Put in it a predetermined fixed sum of money every time you falter on your plans/ resolutions / have negative thoughts/ self limiting thoughts / get angry/ use foul language or do anything that makes you lose your self esteem. You will realize that you are more conscious of your choices; hopefully your penance jar will be empty but your personal self belief will be at its peak. Begin the 2020’s on the right note.

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