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In your personal garden of life, one would need to have among other things, a bunch of lovely attributes to help one live a purposeful and happy life. The suggestions for you to nurture in your life garden, are these four.

Faith – It is defined as confidence or trust in a person or thing or a belief not based on proof On a personal level, it is trust in your ability to cope with any challenge. Faith is not simply blind trust, but a belief born out of a conviction, because you can see it take shape in your life. In its simplest form, it is your mental visualization of a matrix of your abilities and efforts being maximized to the full to deliver a certain vision /goal you have for yourself. E.g. improving your academic scores or if you are an athlete, improving upon your existing record.  So visualize in detail what you want to achieve and begin with the full conviction that you will achieve it once you begin. All start up ideas that get going are nothing but Faith being leveraged.

Hope – It is defined as an optimistic attitude of mind based on an expectation or desire.  Hope is an optimistic attitude. Each day may not pan out the way you hope it will. However, even if there are blips and confidence shakers, if you cling on to hope you tend to see the brighter side of things. Hope is what helps you overcome challenges, gives you the fortitude to cope with calamities and the little voice that keeps encouraging you to keep going no matter what the obstacles.  While faith helps you take the first step, hope is what keeps you going.

Courage – The daring and willingness to take risks. These are not just calculated risks but many a time it is doing what needs to be done without thinking about the consequences. Courage gives impetus and direction to one’s moral compass. Courage is ideally exemplified in standing up for ones rights, to speak up for the truth, to side with the those in distress and to live a principled life. It takes great courage to stand up against a majority view point, to challenge the established and the establishment and much more courage is required to stand up against brutal consequences.

Love – Is the sentiment of affection and feelings that manifests in unconditional acceptance of others. It is difficult to love those who are family but deviants, friends but with views very different to your own, those who have heaped scorn and misery but deserve to be forgiven. Nurturing love requires a large heart, an even larger capacity to forgive and an ocean of temperance and understanding.

By planting the seeds of faith, hope, courage and love early and nurturing it with care, what we are growing within us, is a garden of peace, tranquility and happiness that no money can buy, no person can gift us nor can anyone rob us of.

Try these: 

  • What is the one thing you always wanted to do but did not have adequate courage to attempt it? Is it possible for you to muster enough hope and have the faith in yourself to make a good attempt now?
  • What are the three favorite activities that you love to indulge in? Why do you love doing it? What happens when you get bored or lose fascination for any of those activities?
  • What is the one social problem that you feel very strongly about? Have you studied anything seriously about it and identified some solutions to overcoming it? Make an attempt to write about it in the newspaper. Also attempt to write an article and get it published.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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