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It is good to have great dreams, ambitions and aspirations. It means that you are thinking of the future, that you are focusing on certain achievements and that you seek to achieve something significant in your life. However, the more critical step is to overcome the doubts about your ability to realize your goals. In the beginning the dream looks enticing but as you begin to think more seriously and deeply about it, self doubts, fear of overcoming the obstacles and your own indecisiveness to commit to the goal become self limiting behavior.

You can do whatever you set your mind on but it requires effort. It is not just hard work but smart work that helps you reach your goals faster. Smart work is planning well for any task, identifying the best way to quickly and effectively manage a task and then putting it into practice. Hard work compliments smart work in that one has to diligently and consistently put in the personal efforts required. In some cases it could be merely doing a small part of the job yourself but would involve having systems and control over other tasks delegated or outsourced. The latter part is the outcome of smart work where you seek the help of experts or delegate routine jobs and you focus fully on the activities that you have to do yourself.

You should not let your concerns overshadow your dreams. The tendency to analyze indefinitely, the habit of vacillating between options and the wait for the right moment often derail well thought out plans. It is not to say that one must not be careful nor should one be impulsive. However one should be able to, within a reasonable time frame decide on the course of action to be taken so as to begin the journey towards achieving ones dreams/ goals/ passion.

You will when you start. Well begun is half done, provided, one begins. Waiting for all the pieces to fall in place before beginning would be an exercise in futility. The beauty of life is its unpredictability that is sometimes exhilarating and occasionally frustrating. Begin when you have the big picture and a reasonable amount of details in place. Be flexible in your progress so as to make adjustments to  chart your course right along the way. The key is to begin.

When you can set your mind to achieve something, then you should let your passion outweigh your concerns and you will succeed once you start.

Try these:           

  • Over the next one week get in touch with people who you know well but haven’t been in touch for over six months. Experience their surprise, more so when they realize your communication to them was just a friendly gesture.
  • Plan out a unique birthday gift for each of your family members. Execute it on the respective dates.
  • Tomorrow do something that you have never done before.

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