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In an ideal world everything would be in order, there would discipline, the mood would be idyllic and the setting serene and majestic. In short everything would be perfect. Perfection is also a virtue that everyone would love to embrace and hence it is a virtue that is mistakenly kept as a yardstick to judge competence, efficiency and excellence.  The reality though is that, there is imperfection all around, chaos abounds and uncertainty is the only certainty.  Coping with this reality of imperfection is the real challenge.

However since we are ingrained with the ideology that ‘perfection’ be the norm we get limited by one or more of the following ‘perfection traps’

We pursue perfection. Are you one of those who can spot a slight tilt in the photo frame hung on a wall or someone whose attention is immediately drawn to the broken tile on the floor or someone who is obsessed with order, neatness and immaculate appearance? If you answer is yes, then chances are that you are a perfectionist and anything not up to your standards can be exceedingly distressing to you.

Remember it is ok to be imperfect; but that is no excuse not to aim for perfection.

We imagine perfection to be a stumbling block. Are you waiting for the perfect moment to begin working on your wish list? Are you afraid to try something new because we want to be perfect? Do you write poems or stories but keep them hidden because we fear criticism?

Remember perfection is a relative thing; you will definitely be better than someone else in something that you do. So why not try?

We crave for perfection but hate the discipline. While we envy those who are orderly, disciplined and immaculate we would hate to emulate them for fear of having to work in an organized and disciplined manner. Perhaps we want to be a sports icon or a bestselling author; alas the discipline required to work on our dreams seems too tough. Have you wished to be a magician or at least master a couple of magic tricks? What stopped you from trying out a few magic tricks and then perfecting it?

Remember that perfection is not a gift but is an outcome of diligent effort, sacrifice and self discipline. Let us make a beginning and while we may not be perfect perhaps we would see a change in us for the better.

We can cope with chaos but cannot fathom a perfect beginning. If there was no chaos we would have no opportunity to try out new things. It is because there is imperfection around that we strive to find solutions to the problems that abound. When was the last time you had a daring haircut that shook all those around? Ever experimented with some daring outdoor activities? Did you wish you could do something for the under privileged, the illiterate, the marginalized? So why haven’t you done something yet?

Remember that imperfection is a reality that challenges us; use it as a motivator to innovate, experiment and discover.

 Action Points:

  1. Prepare a wish list of things you want to achieve. Identify 3 of the items on which you will begin work within a week. What do you want to achieve within a month, a quarter and in 6 months. Assess the progress made every week.
  2.  Everyone would like to increase his/ her income. List out 3 ways in which you believe you can try to increase your income. By how much have you increased your income by the month end? Make a similar assessment every month end. Identify how and why you achieved what you set out to do or reason for not achieving your target.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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  1. Eghonghon mary Agboiyi

    I want 2 to be perfect in my english and in writing also. (2) I want 2 have wisdom and understanding in everything I do at my place of work and dealing with men.(3) I want to increase in my income to achieve and prosper in my plains.

    1. Hi Mary

      First of all many thanks for using the comment facility in the blog post and sharing the three big goals you have set for yourself. I must also congratulate you on identifying the 3 goals for yourself.

      In my view you would have to refine and redefine the three goals to make it even more meaningful, tangible and track-able. This will ensure that you are moving in correct direction, at the right pace and feel motivated by the progress or make the adjustments required.

      Use the SMART goal formula i.e ensure the goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reviewed and Time bound. Let me attempt to share the SMART goals for each of the goals you have listed

      (1) I want 2 to be perfect in my English and in writing also. –

      In the next 2 months I must be able to write a page in 15 minutes, with not more than 5 grammar and spelling mistakes and use at least 5 new words learnt during this period. I will also try not to repeat the words and instead use an appropriate synonym
      (2) I want 2 have wisdom and understanding in everything I do at my place of work and dealing with men.

      I will not get irritated with my colleagues or pick up arguments or feel offended by their comments or behavior unnecessarily. I will paraphrase the instructions given to me so that the person giving me the instructions and I understand the same in the same context. I will try to understand the reasons for criticism if any or the corrections done to my work so that I wont repeat them again.

      (3) I want to increase in my income to achieve and prosper in my plains.(plans)

      In the coming year I want my income to be _________ amount or it should increase by _____ % from the present level. To achieve this I will do the following _______

      My plans are as under _____ learn a new language/ do a short course on XYZ computer program / reduce my expenses on _______

      Notice that when you make your plans more tangible you will be able to monitor it better.

      Best Wishes.


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