Efforts bear fruits

God gives every bird its food, but he does not throw it into the nest. Josiah Holland

Every creature on this earth is blessed with the bare necessities required to survive. However not one of these creatures is as blessed as much as the human race for we have the special grace to be creative and therefore more resourceful than other creatures. Yet, it is the human race that is susceptible to depression, worry, phobias and irrational behavior, particularly when we are with our back to the wall. Rather than take the effort and use our abilities, we let the problem seep into us and the outcome in some cases is reflected in the irrational behavior as outlined above. There are others who resort to anti social behavior be it robbing, begging, swindling or other forms of undesirable behavior. If only the human race could temper their lethargy, their greed and their penchant to be dependent on others, the world would be a much better place.

Opportunities abound but we need to grasp it; this reality is sharply brought into focus by today’s quote. There are certain prerequisites to ensure that one can grasp the opportunities. The first is to scout for it. We cannot expect opportunities to walk by us and we simply pluck it as it passes by. In fact finding opportunities is the bigger challenge for it can be a lot of toil and sweat involved with no guarantee of results. When opportunities come, we must be able to discern what is right for us. What suits our temperament and style more than what gives greater rewards should be the criteria. Alas greed overtakes us and we end up taking the wrong opportunities leading to frustration. The third requirement is to utilize these chances that come our way and work hard to ensure we exploit the chance given fully. Some are lazy, others are disorganized, while there could be some who are tardy and incompetent and so we do not harness the full potential of the chance got.

It is also important to remember that we need to share the rewards that we get by utilizing the chances to also help our friends, colleagues and team members. This is a tough choice because we are selfish by nature and therefore do not think it necessary to share. When we share, there are bright chances that others will share too and the net result is larger share of the pie for all. Similarly it is incumbent on us to create opportunities for others too. We need to guide them, support them and encourage them when they are not able to cope up with the pressures. In extreme cases we may have to reprimand some, punish others and possibly be harsh on a few in order to ensure that the possibilities that exit are not squandered away.

Most of all we must always be grateful for the gifts we have, the opportunities we get, the success we attain, the support we get when we fail and above all be thankful for the courage and encouragement we are showered with to search for new opportunities when we feel discouraged and defeated.

Remember: “You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life.” Daisaku Ikeda

Try this:

  1. There is a game called Free Cell available on the Windows platform. Learn the rules and attempt the game. There are around 30,000 odd games that can be played and technically each one can be won by the player. Go attempt it.
  2. Instead of giving a donation in cash or kind, give of your time, talents and yourself for the charity that you were planning to support. Visit them, help them and support them with your physical presence. Experience the joy that comes out of that effort.

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