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Who is the wise man?  He who sees what’s going to be born. Solomon

Those people who are blessed with the ability to anticipate changes and ride the wave invariably end up being successful. Perhaps there are many of us who on hindsight state that they too could see the changes coming; alas that is not enough. It takes not just good understanding but courage of conviction to act upon the understanding if one needs to succeed. The stock markets are resplendent with examples of gigantic successes and colossal failures too almost all of it the result of future predictions. The ability to visualize is a combination of sound knowledge, good analysis and an ability to telescope this to the future and create the picture of the future in the mind.

Man’s progress from caveman to modern man has been made possible because of the human ability to visualize. Many a time visualization has been forced up on us; like when we have to find out or invent solutions to cope with our problems. As it is rightly said Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The ubiquitous wheel is believed to have been mans first invention. From such primitive inventions to the present day communication revolution be it the internet or the mobile phones man has transcended both time and distance in unimaginable ways. If we ponder over this journey of mans visualization we come to the irrefutable reality that if we can dream it we can achieve it.

The vast majority of the population if quizzed as to their creativity and visualization quotient will ruefully confess that they are very poor in it. If you are one of them who feels that you are not fortunate to be gifted with the ability to see beyond and anticipate, take heart from the reality that it is just because you have not honed those skills. While not all of us can be superlative in honing this skill, we can definitely attempt to cultivate the skill so that we are far better off than what we are today.  The first step is to change our mindset and make it more positive and receptive to deal with confusion. Look at all the problems as challenges for you to over overcome. In reality every problem is an opportunity for in the solution to the problem lies the value that someone can harness.  The next step is to develop the ability to be calm, cool and composed no matter what the emergency or crisis is. One can think rationally only when one is not excited, worried or desperate. When under stress the mind is always darting about feverishly trying to find an escape route. Escapism is the not the answer to our problems; it is effective resolution of the problem that one must search for if we want to have a pragmatic and result oriented solution. The third step is to freely explore, vividly imagine and shamelessly attempt. This is the toughest part since our schooling has made us overtly logical thinkers and so our mind is weighted down by the need to have correct answers, simplified straight forward thought process and we find it hard to break out of our shackles of disciplined thought. It also stands to reason therefore that we would never attempt anything that is vague, unstructured or illogical. Breaking out of that mould needs a radical change in our approach and that is the beginning of creative thinking.

Remember: “Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” Mary Lou Cook

Try this:

  1. List out the 5 most creative solutions / outputs that you have ever generated in your life. For each one ask if the solution was a result of having to solve a problem or it was the urge to create something or it was checking out a hypothesis or it was inner urge that you wanted to express.
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  3. If you had to choose from one watch from the following 3 watches which one would you choose and why.  (See the logical answer in the next post)
  • A watch that is 5 minutes slow
  • A dead watch
  • A watch that is 10 minutes fast.

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