Let it rain

Into each life some rain must fall, some days must be dark and dreary. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Very rarely are rainy days bright; most rainy days begin on a cloudy note and peak into a dark, dreary and depressing day. Yet we all know that but for the rains we would have no crops nor vegetation and we would thirst to death. It therefore stands to reason that rain is a life saver and a must for sustenance.  Obviously the rains will bring with it inconvenience, a tinge of depression and yet we can look forward to the beautiful rainbow when the rains are over. The rains are also pictured as very romantic especially when one is in love; the climate provides the perfect setting for a romantic adventure in the country side. A drive in the rain with ones beloved is what most Bollywood movies hype and on the extreme end of the spectrum is the spectacle of a near erotic dripping wet heroine wooing the hero. Rain is central to both mans sustenance and for his enjoyment.

When looked at from the above perspective, these showers of blessings are vital for the environmental wheel to churn and sprout in its bosom LIFE in its myriad forms. it is also obvious that everything we clamor for comes for a price and in this case the dark and dreary days, the constant downpour, the thunder and lightning are all an integral part of the monsoons. No doubt sometimes the rain gods extract their revenge on an ungrateful population when there are floods and cyclones that cause immense damage to life and property.  The rains are also heaven send not just for the farmers and the animals but for the average man who seeks a welcome respite from the heat and hopes that the water sources are replenished.  Man is prepared to bear the inconvenience of the rains, the cold and miserable atmosphere and the all pervading lethargy and dullness included.

It is the post rain time that provides us the true picture of the bounty of nature. The freshness around, the greenery that serenades the environment and the gushing streams all stand testimony to the wonders that nature provides. The dark and dreary days were like a curtain that hid the view, the pouring rains like the cast dressed up to perform and when the curtain rises, there is astonishment, wonder and an encore for the splendorous bounty that comes forth from the womb of mother nature. Pause for a moment and examine our own life; the clouds of uncertainty and winds of change often challenged us, the future was unphantomable, circumstances often made us feel like a rudderless ship on the rough seas and the shores were nowhere in sight. When the rains came into our life, it sometimes pours; illness, financial worries, job insecurity, personal challenges and we very nearly  despaired. Yet when the skies cleared, it brought in the sunshine of hope, love and comfort. The future looks rosy, the past seems distant and the present exhilarating.

Remember: A rose must remain with the sun and the rain or its lovely promise won’t come true. Ray Evans

Try these:

  1. Write down 10 things that you love about the rains. Now find an equivalent thing in your life.  E.g. I love the smell of fresh mud when it rains. When given a challenging work I can smell the possibility of growth in my career and life.
  2. For one month observe a plant grow. See how the size increases, the leaves running greener and if you’re lucky observe a flower bud. What kinds of feelings arise within you as you see the wonder of nature at such close quarters?

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