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Pain is never permanent.  Saint Teresa of Avila

With the exception of those who really experience acute continuous physical pain, mainly due to some incurable illness, particularly cancer most pains are never permanent. Of course, if one takes a view that pain is part of our punishment in earthly life or view pain as a sacrifice for God, the pain is relatively easier to bear. Yet, the reality is that pain is never permanent, for time is a great healer and death the ultimate pain reliever for the sufferer.

Pain can be categorized into two classes, physical pain and psychological pain. There can be numerous sub divisions, but this broad distinction suffices for a better understanding of pain. Physical pain, has a very important role in a living creatures life, mainly because it alerts you to an illness or malady. It can be symptomatic of a more serious problem than just the pain per se. Just as importantly it makes us aware of the vital role played by the various body parts and pain signals us that we need to take great care of our physical self. A tooth ache can give you excruciating pain as will a broken bone. In both cases the remedy is to visit the doctor and go by the doctor’s line of therapy. More often than not, a correct diagnosis and the right medication will relieve you of your pain, perhaps slowly but in the end you will be pain free.

It is the psychological pain that is more difficult to heal. This is because the pain is often self inflicted like being unable to get over ones grief of the death of a loved one, particularly if the person died, in the prime of his/ her youth. Coming to terms with grief is challenging because it is based on the individuals mental, psychological and emotional make up as also the kind of relationships shared and an occasional guilt of not having shown more affection and love. There are others who revel in the poor me syndrome, where they feel they are victims of a cruel fate or paying for their sins or visualize themselves as destiny’s martyrs. Still others enjoy the guilt trip, where they blame themselves for a loved one’s death or alienation. Some parents blame themselves for their children going astray or marrying against their wishes and live the rest of their lives seeking answers to the question ‘where did I go wrong?’ However TIME being the greatest healer and with the help of expert psychologist and psychiatrist, most people get cured of their pain.

Ego is another prime culprit for pain. Often an egoist would easily be pained into believing that his/ her ego is being pricked. They would see hidden meanings, imagine the tone and words to be sarcastic, feel that they are being talked about when someone makes a general observation or comment and they are in constant self inflicted pain of imagining being humiliated, insulted and trampled upon. To know more about EGO see the post on our weekly blog dated 16th March 2010.

Remember: “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” Lance Armstrong

Try these:

  1. Do you shy away from taking an injection and would prefer to take oral medicines even if it means prolonged treatment as compared to the quick cure of injections? Do you believe in blood donation? If you don’t is it because of your fear of the pain when donating blood? If you believe in blood donation do you donate blood at least once a year? What stops you from doing it?
  2. Think of one lingering memory of the physical pain you suffered? Perhaps it might be a toothache. Ask if you delayed going to the dentist because of the far of the pain if the dentist treated you? Now think of a psychological pain that still rankles you. Maybe missing a good percentage in a crucial exam because you goofed or it could be the break up with your first serious love. Has the psychological pain really gone? If not is it because you find it hard to forgive the culprit (you in the first case and the lover in the second case).

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