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Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you. Frank Tyger

There are many people who blame fate for their inability to realize their full potential. The gamut of fate could range from unfortunate hereditary, to plain bad luck in endeavors and could also involve the plea that they have involuntarily invoked the wrath of the gods for sins of past life. The sum and substance of their argument nay rationalization, is that fate has conspired against them for their lack of achievement.

It is true that the dice of fate could be loaded against you, but then that is true for every single one of us. Even the rich and the famous could wish for something better but for all the various variables that constitute fate. If you step back and objectively look at your achievements and visualize your future goals, it will dawn on you that quite often we are neither objective about the past nor realistic about the future. Worse still is our inability to clearly identify or define our future goals. If the goal itself is unclear how can you progress towards it?

If you want to define your future, no one else but you can do it. Beginning with identifying your goals, you must do a reality check about your aptitude and align you attitude to a winner’s mindset. Then, with a blue print of how you hope to map your way to your goal, proceed with confidence in your self and put in your best efforts. You will also soon recognize that you cannot achieve anything all by yourself so acknowledge and use the support you get along the way and after savoring the success when you attain the goal, chalk out higher goals.

Nothing puts the above quote in better light than that inspirational poem * Invictus by William E Henley. 

* click to read the poem

 Remember: The last two lines of the Poem Invictus by William E Henely ‘  

  •                                   I am the master of my fate: 
  •                                  I am the captain of my soul.

Try these:

  1. Take a pen and paper or if you prefer open a text file and start listing out your goals. One way to go about it is to list out all your passions and then regrouping them in to some logical order eg. Career, Sport, Social Service etc. Now work out the details of how you propose to achieve each goal. You can even classify them into immediate, short term (2-5 year time span) , long term goals. Put milestone and time frames for intermediate goals that will ensure that you are on track to achieve your major goals.
  2. See January 28, 2010 on Visualization in this blog. Also attempt the Try these in the same post.

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