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Some people talk about finding God, as if He could get lost. Anon

If you believe in God, you will never have to search for God; if you don’t believe you will never find him, but there is always the possibility that God will be revealed to you. When you know God two things will strike you as unique; Gods infinite Love and Omnipresence. Every living thing man or animal, plant or microscopic organisms is proof of God’s existence and his Love manifests in his ability to forgive us despite our constant sinning.

When someone says that he/ she is searching for God, the right interpretation is that the person is seeking peace. This is because Man has been blessed with the freedom of choice and wrong choices always trouble our conscience and disturb our peace of mind. Some may argue that illness and death are chiefly responsible for our disturbed state of mind and that we have never made a choice about these two, so why are we being punished? Your search for God is then your quest for these answers. More often than not, God answers you in the silence of your heart. Your surrendering to his will and your acceptance of the fruits of tomorrow even though it be bitter, are the test of faith that you will need to pass before you find peace and God.

When in acute pain and desperation, we often cry out Lord where are you? It is not us seeking him because he is lost, but us asking him to fetch us because we are lost. You will find God in every breath of your life, in the peacefulness of your heart, in the ecstasy of prayer and the occasional challenge of pain. Like a butterfly that eludes you when you chase it, but settles gently when you are still, God reveals himself when you stop searching for him but accept calmly that HE is within you every moment.

Remember: God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks to us in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: It is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world  -C.S. Lewis

Try these:

  1. Try holding your breath for 3 mins. You will observe that it looks impossible because when you run out of oxygen the body automatically makes you grasp for breath. What is the message in it from God?
  2. If you believe in God, list out the ways in which you show your love for him. How many of these ways are ritualistic? On what occasions did you feel that God did not listen to your prayers? Write down just 3 things for which you are most grateful to God! Reflect on the gifts showered by God on you every single day. Say a prayer of thanks before going to bed.

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Bobby Jacob

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