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We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon. •Konrad Adenauer

There is a popular misconception that only artists, poets and writers are really creative and have extraordinary powers of visualization. In reality, every human being is blessed with these powers and this is one power that no one can take away from you. Look at the varied dreams that you have, which in many ways reflect the expanse of the mind in going beyond time, space and reality. Visualization is seeing beyond the obvious, thinking with the eye on the future, giving flight to imagination and stimulating passion to scale newer heights that can be translated into action.

While all of us have the ability to visualize, the extent, depth and scope of visualization would vary from individual to individual. Visualization helps one to see the big picture, the grandiose scheme of things and the success of ones mission. Perhaps that accounts for the fact that Visualization is one of the essential qualities for any leader. The exploits of Alexander the Great or East India Company or the Google Team have all one thing in common a large vision set by the leader.

Some may argue that day dreaming too  is a form of visualization which is but an exercise in futility. Day dreaming is for the fools, Visualization is for the enlightened. Daydreaming is merely a lazy way to live in a make believe world, visualization is the proactive way to chalk out the road map to building edifices that give expression to our yearnings, our talents and our efforts. While some look up and see just the tree tops or high rise buildings, others see the stars; those with vision see the patterns in the stars and follow them. Do you remember the three kings in the bible who went in search of the new born king by following the odd star.

Remember : See things as you would have them be instead of as they are. Robert Collier

Try these:

  • Do you have a personal list of all the things you would have loved to do in life if you ha the time and money? If not, write down that list NOW. Don’t worry if the list is having 25 items, more items means better visualization. Don’t limit your list for any reason; if it is something you wanted to, do just jot it down.
  • Do you visualize computers being able to help you smell, feel touch, read your mind? If you say yes, even if you are a non scientific person, write down what or how would you go about achieving this? Use layman’s language for your description.
  • If you have written down your list.. only then click on the link and see Mr.John Goddard’s list of 127 things he planned to do. Is your list as long? Do you have any item as challenging as some of those on his list? Do you think you need to visualize bigger, better, braver!

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Rajesh K R

    Beautiful day is waiting for you, Visualise your aim, Run with confidence and Fly with your achievements.

    Johngoddard is live example.

    K.R. Rajesh

  2. Rajesh K R

    Great Inventions and Innovations starts from visualisation.

    Visualisation is like a journey it never stops unless it reaches destination.

    I still remember one Tamil Song in 1950’s where they have said
    if you press button you should get Idli and Vadai on table.
    Though it may sound crazy at that time, today it is almost reality.
    This how our visualisation should be.

    K.R. Rajesh

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