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Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier. Anon

In the previous post, we saw the wonders that enthusiasm can work. One of the reasons that we can get up every morning with a smile on our face and a song on lips is the ‘Hope’ that we have, that the new day would be even better than the previous day. Hope is like the battery recharger that connects you to the positive energy in life and fills you with enthusiasm and motivation.

Hope works best when you are plugged into reality knowing fully well that the pitfalls of life never sound the death knell, unless we give up and wallow in the shallow cess pool of self pity and doom. Death of a loved one, failure in some of our attempts, financial crisis, personal crisis are all inevitable;  hope is the balm for all these torturous moments. Faith in the future, in your abilities, in your will and determination boost your HOPE and will provide you the wherewithal for any emergency or calamity in your life.

Helping Ourselves Pursue Excellence is a wonderful way of visualizing HOPE. No matter what the dangers, however harsh the criticism, inspite of many failures, you can always succeed if you commit to a worthwhile goal, and with the knowledge that you can visualize success, that ordinary mortals find hard to imagine. When Hope gives us inspiration and you provide the perspiration, the results will vindicate your aspirations.

Remember: Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out”

Try these:

  • List our some of the crisis that you encountered in your student days. How did you face it and what was the outcome. Do you feel you could have handled it better? Did the event/s make you stronger emotionally and mentally?
  • If you analyze your recent crisis do you think you had any power to avoid it? Do you feel responsible for some of the crisis? Do you think you can work out an action plan to face a crisis?
  • What is the next major project that you plan to do. It could be a personal project like a long overseas vacation with the family or a major house redecoration or an official project. In the event that these plans go for a toss because of an unexpected crisis, how would you ensure that the family or your team cope with it.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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  1. Rajesh K R

    “HOPE” – Someone who was though deeply hurt, but has his faith unchanged.

    Hope for the best and reap the best.

    K.R. Rajesh

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