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Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you. Madeline Bridges

There are times when we enthusiastically plunge into a task with confidence and vigour. The task complete, we might be taken aback to see that our hard work and efforts have not given returns commensurate to our expectations. It is at this point that self doubt creeps in and we begin to question our abilities, wonder if we really need to put in as much effort as we did and mentally remonstrate that next time we just do the bare minimum to get the talks done.

Giving up is easy, but it is self-defeating. Throwing in the towel even in a boxing match is actually done by the coach of the loser not the loser himself, so how justified are we in giving up simply because the returns fall short of our expectations. Giving of our best, ensures that we have planned well, put in our best efforts and we have done a diligent job. When we can consistently replicate that, we would experience a tremendous sense of achievement irrespective of the results of the effort. When we examine our work done we would also notice that in many subtle ways we have been rewarded ; the experience itself is invaluable, the feeling of achievement is very fulfilling, our confidence in ourself is reinforced and we can be optimistic that we will be justly rewarded too.

The most amazing thing about giving of our best is that more often than not we actually end up getting the best that life has to offer. It could be a promotion, a better job offer, appreciation from the least  likely source, recognition by peers and superiors or simply the sense of achievement and contentment that soothes us in body, mind and spirit. If we step back and count our blessings we will realise that we are fortunate to get so much and you can be sure it is not an accident but as they say ‘ What goes around comes around”

Remember : “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

Try these :

  • Outine 3 – 5 tasks that you have done that you are very proud of. Ask yourself if you were forced to do it or you did it own you own. When forced to do it how did you over come your reservations about the task. Did you experience a sense of achievement at the end of the task?
  • In your current role, what are those tasks that you dislike immensely and why. Do you think there are better ways to tackle those tasks? Are there only a few tasks that you find it hard to give of your best or most tasks look tough to you?What activities excite you and motivate you the most? Have you examined the possibility of making a career out of those tasks?
  • How do you realise that you have given of your best in what you do? Do you appreciate good jobs done by others? How do you indicate your appreciation or dissatisfaction to others?

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Bobby Jacob

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  1. Rajesh K R

    When Shah Rukh Khan was new to the industry, reporters asked him whom you feel your competitor, He replied that Himself. No Doubt why is king khan. It is all about giving best and achieving new heights.
    Highly thought provoking article posted.
    K.R. Rajesh

  2. Prachi shinde

    Indeed a very nice article…. the best part is Try these really works like magic….

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