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Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it. Stan Smith

On hindsight, every experience has a message in it. However any bitter experience  shakes our confidence, make us nervous and sometimes lead us to ponder over our abilities. Yet, once the storm of failure has blown over, we slowly but surely recover and stabilize  our self belief.  Often, we plan to work harder,  get ourselves organized better  and  wow not to repeat our mistakes.

It is critical to objectively analyze reasons for our failures – for invariably it would lead us to realize that the major fault lay in poor planning, preparation and execution on our part, rather than on any external circumstance or event. The tough part is to attempt the task again. It is here that our ‘confidence’ plays a vital part in ensuring that our personal vision of success, motivates us to stand up and be counted. As the old saying goes ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’

Self belief is the crux, hard work and planning are the crust and Confidence is the Cake that tastes sweeter when there is an icing called success all over it.

Remember : Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.  ~Henry Ford

Try these

  • If you haven’t done any public speaking, now is the chance for you to get over that fear.  The simplest thing you can possibly do is attempt to introduce a speaker or propse a vote of thanks.
  • Try writing a poem/ an article / a book review / a film review and contribute it to one of the numerous sites that accept contributions.
  • The next rose day, ethnic day, traditional day make an attempt to participate wholeheartedly bearing in mind the spirit of the event.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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  1. hangerbaby

    Excellent blog, I have pretty similar feelings. Minus the last three suggestions.

    The easier confidence builders would be:
    Work out
    Get used to talking to strangers
    Dont eat shit food (diet affects moods)

    Check out my writing, its a bit more critical and offensive, but you may enjoy it

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