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Self-control is the quality that distinguishes the fittest to survive. George Bernard Shaw

Ever since Eve tempted Adam with the apple, self control has been a challenge for the human race. Take an example of a simple task of  getting up in the morning when you are cozily tucked in bed, and going for your daily jog and exercise routine. The temptation to enjoy the coziness overwhelms you and only a very determined effort can make you get up and go for the jog. How about your craving for tasty, fattening, calorie filled junk food. How often do you manage to exercise self control and resist all temptation to even nibble at it ?

Self control is not just self denial but encompasses an array of actions including discipline, focus, determination and restraint. Anger, is one of those feelings, that often overcomes even the most timid person and poses one of the biggest challenges in self-control. Impulsiveness and sarcasm come a close second when it comes to exercising self-control. Jumping to conclusions and not listening are not far behind in the list of tough acts that constantly tug at our leash on self control. Temptation is the root cause of all cravings and self- control the antidote.

Remember : “Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.”

Try these

  • List out at least 5 of your most hard to resist temptations – eg watching TV, fried food, sleep, bad habits like biting nails, smoking etc.
  • Draw up an action plan to get a couple of these under control. eg. fasting on a fixed date, disconnecting the TV for a month etc.
  • Reward yourself every week for the self control you have exercised.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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