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Make yourself necessary to somebody.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every single day we have ample opportunity to be helpful to someone.  Often we confuse helpfulness in terms of financial help or  physical help. In reality the real help people want is in the form of  patient listening, empathy, a little caring and concern, a word of appreciation, lots of encouragement and occasionally suggestions and advice.

Notice that most of this help costs us nothing other than some time. The difficulty tho is that we are always in a hurry, rarely pausing to see the desperate plea of those around us seeking understanding, a smile, a touch, a hug or a mere  acknowledgment of their existence. We don’t have to look far for the many who seek help – it could be your spouse , kids, the driver, the domestic help or the roadside hawker, the watchman in the building or the numerous people whom you pass by. The work place offers ample opportunities too right from the boss to the colleagues and even the pizza delivery boy or the courier person.

The beauty of helping others is that, we actually help ourselves – we get a satisfaction that cannot be measured nor described. Don’t forget that what goes around comes around – ask for help if you want it !

Remember : We can help others in the world more by making the most of yourself than in any other way.  Earl Nightingale

Try these

  • Every day compliment the first five people you meet in the morning. Slowly increase this number.
  • Try to make at least one new friend every week.  It must be a friend not just a casual acquaintance !
  • Ask yourself if you know the names of the non descript people working in and around your home and work place. Try your best to address every one by their names.

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