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Envy comes from people’s ignorance of, or lack of belief in, their own gifts.
Jean Vanier

Each of us is supremely talented, though often we have difficulty in recognizing our talents and even more difficulty in acknowledging it. Worse still is our penchant for believing that everyone else seems to be more gifted, lucky, richer, handsome, beautiful, brilliant etc than me! Pause for a moment and ask yourself  what is that you value most about yourself. Viola, there you have a long list of things that you always took for granted but now seem to be so invaluable.

Ironically, the feeling of being cheated when compared to someone else is not limited to our personality and wealth and material possessions. Even when we have the freedom to exercise our choice, no sooner have we made the choice then we feel that someone else made a better choice. Those who are married, can understand when in their first marital spat our choicest repartee would focus on how we could have got a better spouse! Or see the feeling you get when you are in a restaurant and ordering a meal and soon after the order is placed, you see some sumptuous cuisine being laid on the next table – the aroma and presentation of the dish gives you a sinking feeling that you made a mistake.

Notice carefully that the culprit in all such scenarios is COMPARISON. If we simply use a  logical reasoning to our choices we would be sure that our choice is right. That does not mean comparisons are bad. In fact benchmarking is a critical element in ensuring that we are competitive but then when we do that, we compare a variety of parameters including the weakness of the other.

On a more realistic note, if your are reading this post it means that compared to around 70%-80 % of the world population you have access to a computer, your well educated and have a reasonable financial standing. The grass is lush green on the turf your are on !!

Remember :- Robert Browning, words in Apparent Failure (VII)

It’s wiser being good than bad;
It’s safer being meek than fierce:
It’s fitter being sane than mad.
My own hope is, a sun will pierce
The thickest cloud earth ever stretched;
That, after Last, returns the First,
Though a wide compass round be fetched;
That what began best, can’t end worst,
Nor what God blessed once, prove accurst.

Try these

  • Write down the name of your idol – it could be a character from history, a singer, actor, sportsperson etc. The challenge for you is to study the person and list out atleast 5 things that are a weakness in his personality.
  • Ask yourself, if the above weakness has lessened your admiration for your idol. If not, why and if yes why has it made you change your mind.
  • Next time you go to a restaurant order a dish which you have never tried or have disliked in the past. List out what is good about it.

If you still feel the grass in greener on the other side – watch this

and think, think again !!!

Igniting your thoughts – Encouraging you to ACT SPOnTaneously

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Bobby Jacob

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