Do more with less

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One of the problems facing the world is the indiscriminate use of limited resources. As individuals, each of us must examine how individually each of…

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Six steps to realizing your dreams

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With the Rio Olympics just around the corner, this quote is an apt reminder of the struggles, the hard work, the challenges and the passion…

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Making your life greener

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So what stopping you from having a wonderful life? Ah we can list out a number of problems, obstacles, difficulties, circumstances to justify our quarrel…

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Five things to quit

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Often people wonder what they need to do to set things right in their life. Perhaps each of us is guilty of indulging in one…

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The control challenge

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One of the major reasons we are stressed is because we are unable to keep our emotions in check when faced with a dilemma or…

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Be energetic always

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The one trait that energizes is the enthusiasm that a person exudes. Some people display that in their walk and poise, others in their speech…

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The anger paradox

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Every individual however calm and tolerant he/ she is will at times get angry either because they are provoked or because they are upset at…

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My Day Monday

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We would really have to search hard to find people who love Monday’s. Out of the few who do, a vast majority of them would…

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It is ok to be not okay…

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Unhappy, disillusioned, confused, hurt, resentful, angry, listless, tired, ignored, unlucky;. Do you experience these emotions / feelings off and on? Do you feel like the…

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Favorite Hello and hardest Goodbye

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Visualize the favorite person in your life. You will immediately appreciate the meaning of today’s post. What is more important is YOU attempting to be…

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