Self motivation – the key to success

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Motivation, like air, is something invisible yet omnipresent. Unlike air which we breathe automatically as long as one is alive, one has to strive to identify and embrace motivation. While there could be various types of external stimulus that could pave the way for motivation, genuine motivation comes from within. Intrinsic motivation, as it is known, is intense, long lasting and fuels commitment. Unfortunately, intrinsic motivation is extremely hard to identify. On the flip side, if one were to identify one’s intrinsic motivation, life would be much more enjoyable, work more passionately and success would follow seamlessly. The trick to a great life is finding that motivation, which spurs you to remain excited every moment of your life.

Here are some pointers to discovering / identifying your intrinsic motivation:

Look out for something that you like /appreciate: The moment you start liking and appreciating things, you will always see things in a positive, enjoyable, engaging light. Similarly, try to seek out the good in whatever you do. It is this wondrous approach to life, work and social requirements that gives you a natural ability to be charged up and excited all the time. E.g. Your job is not too taxing / your boss is tough but fair/ you have friendly colleagues / your family is most fun to be with / you have family routines that are unique etc.

Ask yourself What is unique/ exciting about this? At times, the drudgery, the routine, the boring aspects of one’s life and job gets us mentally bogged down. You will find it hard to be motivated. That is the time you will have to take a re-look at whatever you do and see if from a prism of optimism and possibilities. The small thrills of the job, the interesting outcomes despite the routine, the appreciation from others for doing your routine job well etc. are all triggers to remain self motivated. E.g. You are sought after by colleagues because you are able to organize fun events / You can make a routine circular about a picnic much more fun filled / you get to meet interesting people as part of your job / you get to learn / gain expertise in technical aspects of your job

Ask yourself ‘How will I make a unique contribution to this?’ Ask yourself if you can make your job and your life even more easy, exciting, different, fun filled etc. Initially it would be hard to see such possibilities but once you look for such possibilities, you will find that there are surprises awaiting discovery. E.g. How can I speed up the job/  Are there ways to have checks and balances to minimize errors in the job/ can I introduce automation or get a software developed to manage things better.

Ask yourself ‘ How can I add fun to this?’ Any job can be made fun provided you believe it can be fun. Even the most routine and boring tasks can be made exciting by a little creativity, a bit of daring and the willingness to believe in yourself. E.g. I have heard of a telephone operator who had a penchant for sketching draw up a sketch of frequent callers, who she never met, purely based on their voice. Her sketches, I am told a remarkable accuracy to the facial features of the subjects. Similarly, I was in a flight in which the boring pre departure in-flight announcement of wearing seat belts was made in the most hilarious manner by a flight attendant. Everyone paid attention, they were engaged and most importantly the message was delivered effectively.

Be grateful for the opportunities that you get. The art of being grateful makes us more tuned in to our inner self. We become aware of all the blessings we are endowed with. As a result we begin to value all we have with a greater sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility automatically triggers motivation within us, because you now know that you have to keep doing what you go to do because it is a blessing denied to many. E.g. You get a promotion. Almost immediately you  realize that your commitment must be much more, your skill sets need to be finely honed and you are motivated to take on the challenge albeit even when it includes longer hours and even more challenges.

Try these:

  • What is your next target in your personal and professional life? Write it down and commit to it. Notice the motivation that spurts up once you write it down and commit to it.
  • Recall the most appreciative feedback you have received in your life. Does the recollection of these moments excite you and energize you?
  • What do you think motivates a lift man/ your house help / the delivery boy who delivers to your home/ the waiter who serves you? Do you remember any one of these people who you have interacted with? What was the special characteristics that she/ he displayed, that makes you recall the person?

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