Discovering the fountain within you

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The empty bucket that we walk around with, can be labeled many things. Excuses are the most common label. Then there are others like bad luck, not good enough, it is very tough, it is not possible for me, there is no one to help me etc. The sad part is that these empty buckets remain empty while ironically, there is within you the fountain of limitless opportunities and potential waiting to be tapped into. The question is how can one identify this fountain and how can one drink deep from this fountain. Surprisingly the question is not too difficult to answer. However, one must be ready to make an effort to find the answer and to then make double that effort to reach into the fountain within you and utilize it well.

Do a personal SWOT – Do an objective evaluation of your personal strengths, weakness, opportunities that you see being available to you and the potential threats or difficulties that can derail your success. If required pay attention to feedback from people who matter, ask mentors or elders who can give you an objective analysis. It is a self diagnosis that can help one pursue the right medicine for personal improvement and development. Surprisingly you will find that all that is required for your well being and happiness in well within you. You will discover new strengths and opportunities and you will also note that the antidote for many of your weakness and imaginary threats are also within you. All you need to do is delve in and find it.

Identify your interests/ passion – This could be in the nature of your non academic interests as well as those subjects that you are good at and also have a passion for. However, while interest could be varied, your passion is what you deeply care about and are willing to sacrifice a lot so as to pursue it. Imagine you being passionate about music but you are unable to pick up musical notes. While your interest and passion are commendable you will have to find innovative ways to ensure you can live your passion fruitfully.  Once again delve in and discover your creativity, your inner strength, undiscovered talents and re-engineer your life with these.

Outline your short term/ medium term / long term goals – These goals must be done for varied aspects of your life. You will then realize that you are already blessed with much and with diligent, focused persistence you can dig deep into the enormous potential that you have which lies untapped. Within you lies the balance that will ensure you limit your desires, be lavish with your gifting and tap into unlimited joy. Your goals are then reduced to being happy and making the world around you happier.

Move out of your comfort zone – For the vast majority, an unwillingness to step out of their comfort zone has made them look at their potential and the opportunities possible like a frog stuck in a well. When you move out of your comfort zone, you will definitely feel a little helpless and concerned but soon you will also discover that the world has much more to offer provided you are willing to take your chances. The fountain within you will gush out when you risk more, discover more and experiment more.

Try these:

Write down answers to the following questions?

  1. Who is the happiest person you have ever met? List three qualities that the person exhibited that justified your belief.
  2. What is the biggest loss you ever suffered? How long did it take to get over it?
  3. What is the one desire you still crave for? What will happen if you do not get your desire?
  4. What was the most embarrassing/ awkward moment of your life? Do you still feel terrible about it?
  5. What is your greatest weakness from among these three; anger/ jealousy / pride. How has it impacted your life?
  6. Name the three greatest blessings you have received. What is the one blessing you wished you got?

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Bobby Jacob

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  1. Rajkumar Paul

    Hi & Hello,

    Thanks for excellent guidance that we all receive through this email. Truly appreciate and kindly accept my gratitude.

    Regards, Rajkumar Paul

    1. Thank you Rajkumar for taking time out and giving us a positive feedback. We always value the feedback of our readers. Please feel free to share your observations and comments as often as possible.

    2. Bobby Jacob

      Thank you for your appreciative feedback to my blog posts.

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