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Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible. Anon

Far too often, many people who are at the brink of success turn out to be failures simply because they lost hope and threw in the towel. Hope is that inexhaustible optimism that is deeply rooted in self belief and yet soars on wings of positive thoughts. Hope provides a person with the energy to fight a battle that otherwise might seem futile, powers the spirit to take on daring challenges and triggers waves of optimism that acts like the wind that our sails need so much to steer us towards our course.

Hope sprouts from self belief. No matter what the problem or issues is, a person with tremendous self belief will be powered by hope to seek a solution which he/ she is certain exits and can be found if we simply search hard enough. Of course, even the most optimistic person is occasionally assailed by self doubt but the spirit of hope triumphs over the fear of the unknown. Almost every development is proof of how hope triumphed over skepticism, ignorance and discouragement; be it the concept of vaccination to eradicate disease or be it putting a man on the moon  the bottom line is the triumph of HOPE. Look at hope as being a small eraser that can wipe away all the negative thoughts that our scribbled in pencil across our life. In doing so we have a clean slate to start afresh and more importantly we begin with fresh perspectives and a new found confidence.

Hope is not foolhardiness and/ or blind doggedness. Hope acknowledges that failure will be part of life, but that we can strive and get up again even if we have fallen a hundred times.  When defeat stares us in the face, killing ourselves fighting it is foolhardiness. Hope helps us cope with the reality of daily living. Illness, recession, spiraling costs, death and taxes are all realities that we cannot wish away. We cannot even hope that someday these will be done away with. However hope allows us the luxury of accepting this harsh reality and giving us fresh perspectives to cope with it. Hope allows us take calculated risks for it is then we are hopeful of striking it rich.

The greatest benefit of hope is it helps one cope. Assume that a loved one is struck down by a debilitating disease and death is imminent. Hope gives such people and their loved ones the strength to realize that there is life beyond death. For the person staring at death, hope gives solace that there are better things promised and that same hope also powers the spirit of those loved ones to see death as a liberator of the loved one who is sick. For someone who has been jilted in love, the hurt takes long to subside but eventually hope provides them thrust to liberate them from their emotional turbulence and propel them to another better relationship.

Remember: “Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.”  George Iles

Try this:

  1. Recollect 3 instances in your life when you had lost all hope and yet were pleasantly surprised. Also try to recollect 2 instances when your hopes were dashed. Compare the two situations and look at the role of hope in both cases.
  2. Make a wish list of what you hope to achieve over the coming year that will enable you to improve your finances and your relationships.

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Bobby Jacob

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