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It isn’t hard to be good from time to time … What’s tough is being good every day.  Willie Mays

Look back at your youth and when you reminiscence about the wonderful years of your school days, the most enduring images will be of the numerous times you got into trouble because of your misadventures and naughty pranks. This despite the entreaties of your loving parents, grandparents, teachers and well meaning friends and relatives who always advised you to be good, studious and avoid all mischief. Surprisingly whenever you were appreciated for the good deeds and behavior you felt very very nice but when you got away with your mischief you felt elated and wonder of wonders when you got caught and punished, rather than remorse most times you were plotting another dare devil forbidden adventure.

While a good person is what we all seek to be, for that is the acceptable norm of society, the person in you craves for excitement, adventure and possibly attention, all of which one gets in ample measure the moment one dares to bend the rules and skate on thin ice. Perhaps you can recollect the exasperated exclamations of your mother shout, screaming, raving and ranting at you, correcting you and fervently pleading with you to fall in line. It is not that one wishes to annoy others or behave irresponsibly, but being good for an extended period is neither a natural trait of an average human being nor is it the best honed amidst the chaotic and competitive pressures of the materialistic world.

Even today irrespective of our age, position in society or gender the two thinga that we often plead guilty to is telling lies and using profanity. Some may argue that not all of us tell lies but not revealing the truth when required is as good as telling a lie. One must also accept that we often carry ill will for those whom we dislike or despise; we are liberal with our gossip particularly about those whom we perceive with jaundiced eyes and behave insolent and defiant when things don’t go our way. Yes it is really tough to be good every day for it takes great effort to love unconditionally and accept all situations with a cool and calm temperament.

So does this mean that we have no hope from the clutches of evil? Repentance and forgiveness are two blessing that we are showered with. We have the freedom to use it liberally provided we are sincere and committed to using these blessings in the right spirit and right manner. To be good every day requires great forbearance; first to attempt to be good, secondly great honesty in admitting our folly and finally the courage to be repentant and large-hearted to forgive all those who have wronged us.

Remember: When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good and bad – you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you.”  Stacey Charter

Try this:

  1. Carefully observe your behavior for a couple of days. Note the areas where you know you have slipped and not been good. Even getting irritated, using a loud tone, expressing disgust all qualify to be unbecoming of you and hence tarnish your image of being good throughout the day.  DO you think you can be better?
  2. Make it a point to appreciate the good behavior of people you deal with particularly when they are harassed or victimized. Also appreciate those who go beyond the call of duty particularly those at the operational level who deliver more than what is expected of them. Eg.  A pizza delivery boy who is well groomed. polite and serves with a big smile.

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