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We will not know unless we begin. Howard Zinn

Any new beginning makes a person circumspect, apprehensive and wary for the way things will pan out is never known. This rather limited and inward looking perspective does not encourage people to embrace new tasks with enthusiasm, vigor and vitality; in fact more often than not we approach things tentatively. It is not unusual for people to procrastinate and delay beginning the task as they might be paralyzed with the fear of inadequacy and possibility of not measuring up.  The real answer to all these apprehensions lies in shedding our inhibitions and starting the task.

When starting any task we are beset with numerous questions about the task, the challenges that could emerge whilst doing the task, our ability to competently manage the task etc. If we stop to get answers for these questions, we will be only shadow boxing and not really entering the ring. After a brief initial overview of how to approach the task it is imperative that we hit the ground running thereafter. Once we start, the momentum will easily propel us into the new orbit and we would be able to intelligently allocate appropriate resources to ensure that the task is progressing on track in terms of time and quality. It is then that we really get to know the scope and the intricate nature of the job.

By beginning a task the inertia is neutralized, the focus shifts to the tasks rather than the ghosts that we imagine about the task and we gain a measure of self-worth for we now see ourselves as an integral part of the whole system. Progress, however slight it may be motivates us, the challenges that emerge ignite our creativity and success suddenly looks imminent. This recharges us, rejuvenates us and refreshes us both in mind and body. We cannot visualize the amplified effect of simply getting going unless we get going !

Remember: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” Mark Twain

Try These:

  1. Pick up three tasks that you have planned but never got going. It could be simple tasks like a hobby to be pursued, organizing your paperwork, sorting out your mail inbox or it could be more complex tasks like scouting around for a new accommodation, buying a new car, switching jobs etc. Now write down the various steps to achieve these tasks and start on the first step immediately. Track progress.
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