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Sum up at night what thou has done by day. Lord Herbert

 A long tiring day, in which you have given of your best, provides the ideal setting for a sound sleep. You can have not just a good sleep, but a very refreshed morning too, if you take a few minutes before bed time to reflect on the day gone by. The challenges that you met, the pleasures that you got during that day, the satisfaction of meeting targets and overcoming obstacles, the unfortunate failures that you encountered, the disappointments of incomplete work and inconclusive meetings all add up to make us aware that at end of day there is still unfinished business to be worked on tomorrow.

In reflecting on the day, we can see a pattern in our life, the sense of purpose, the script for the morrow and the rewards of our labor. It leaves us with a sense of contentment, sweet tastes of success, a wee bit of disappointment for the failures and a load of hope for the new day. There is a fresh purpose to the morning, a clearer vision of the path ahead and a purposeful planning to make the new day even better than the previous. More than anything else, reflecting on the day gone by gives us a balance between family, work and self!

Reflection brings to the fore the things we have taken for granted, the people whom we so badly depend upon but ignore often and the tons of opportunity given to us which we have either grasped or lost out on. Reflection is our way of making peace with ourselves, our method of rationalizing our actions and the fruits of it and is a reality check for mind, body and soul.

 Remember: To get a sound sleep, a clear conscience is the best pillow.

Try these:

  •  Maintain a diary or a private blog to write down the summary of the day. Write at least two accomplishments in the day, one shortcoming and new learning you have picked up.
  • Also ask yourself if you could have delegated some work, taken on some new challenges, done something in a different way, planned the day better etc.
  • Try and outline the plan for the next day. Ensure that you have inbuilt time for yourself and family too. Also work on how to improve your own motivation level as also how you can be more creative and motivate others around you.   

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Bobby Jacob

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