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One reason that we limit ourselves from discovering much more about ourselves is the fact that we are happy staying within our comfort zone. We are forever having questions with a negative tinge overwhelming us; what if something goes wrong?; is it safe? How do I cope up? What if I fail? Am I capable? Should I take the risk? The reality is that unless we test the waters, we will never experience the joy of the flowing stream nor will we see the world from above, unless we climb the mountain. Experience is a tough teacher but equally true is the fact that the lessons learnt will remain long with us and often open up immense insights about ourselves that we were blissfully unaware of.

Each of us is a bud that has been carefully nurtured by our family, friends and environment around. Some of course have it tough, others less so and a few have been brought up in the lap of luxury. However, the real essence of the bud is in its blossoming as a beautiful flower. Similarly, each of us is destined to move on and flower in various terrains and bloom as different flowers. The one special blessing we are given, unlike any other vegetation or animal species is that we are free to think, be creative, explore unbridled and traverse far and wide. It is this freedom that enables buds from the same vine to blossom into very different flowers. Yet, this is possible only if we cut ourselves off from the vine and get ready to transplant ourselves; thus risking the safety of our environment and daring to discover our mettle in unchartered places.

All you need to bloom into an extraordinary flower is by having the EDGE.

Explore – Keep thinking; keep updating yourself; check out new opportunities; take some risks. In this process you will have self doubts; you will come across nay sayers; you may encounter skeptics and at times you will be pressurized to give up your ventures. Yet, if you have the self belief then you must be march on as a one man army.

Discover – It is obvious that when you move out and explore you will discover new things. What is more important is to keep up a spirit of wonder so that you discover even more than what is apparent. Your real empowerment comes from embracing the small wonders that you discover with passion and enthusiasm.

Grow – There is no better teacher than bad experiences. The trick is to learn from those experiences and grow into a better person. Be open to criticism, negative feedback, failures and frustrations. These are the bedrocks on which you will build your dreams. Are there people you envy? Examine their growth carefully and you will realize that they grew up very painfully, overcoming their anxieties, their doubts and most of all by remaining deaf to those who kept putting them down. At the same time they observed, listened to suggestions and kept at their goal relentlessly.

Evolve – One never evolves fully for life is a constant change. So while peak performance might seem like the pinnacle of having evolved, adapting to life after peaking is the real growth. Never rest on your laurels. Notice how the plucked flower still becomes an offering. It plays a vital role even when on the throes of being discarded. Seek out opportunities to contribute or to embrace something new.  Adapt to the change around. Find new opportunities to transform into. Make your life a metamorphosis.

If you have the EDGE and you can blossom into the person you want to be.

Try these:           

  1. Which is your favorite flower? Write down 3 qualities of the flower that you can identify with in your own personal life.
  2. List out 10 things till pending in your bucket list. If you have no bucket list prepare one now. How many of the items in the list will you complete before the year end?
  3. Identify 3 drastic changes that you will incorporate in your lifestyle to bring about a desired change in yourself.

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Bobby Jacob

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