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10 - Select Your thoughtsEvery day each one of us makes a conscious decision to wear attire suitable to the day and occasion. Perhaps school children had little option but to wear the uniform prescribed but even then they would try to ensure that the uniform was clean, neat and presentable. That rule largely continues in later life except that we wear the designs, the colors, the style that we are most comfortable with and which meets the requirements of the day. The key is the fact that we select what we wear. As a result we also reflect the image that we are keen to project and we are also accepted and respected for what we are.

Since every single day we make a conscious decision to select the clothes we wear, which is only an outward expression of ourselves, would it not be a wonderful idea to also select the thoughts we carry with us during the course of the day. Our thoughts would provide us a roadmap for the day, give us the motivation to keep persisting even when things seem to be at a standstill, inspire us when we come across challenges and guide us to take courageous decisions when we hesitate or are unsure. We can and we must learn to select our thoughts each day so that it shapes our attitude, our character and our passion to achieve something significant each day.

Here are 3 rules to frame and select your thoughts so that they are inspiring, motivational and actionable

Frame thoughts positively. The difference between the words Can I? and I Can ! is not just in the sequence of the words but is also in the thoughts triggered by the sequence of the words. The former expresses doubt and so your objective is to remove the doubt. However this also poses a problem. Every time you face an obstacle or limitation you immediately question yourself and are tempted to give up. On the other hand if you frame your thought positively and state I Can you will be setting up yourself to prove your point no matter what the challenges. You are never in doubt. You seek solutions. You become determined. You are focused on success. Does this guarantee success? Not necessarily but on the rare times you fail, the failure was not because of your doubt but because you did not measure up to the challenge despite your committed best effort. Your attitude will be shaped by how you have framed your thought.

Select the thoughts that energize and motivate you. Each day brings with it new challenges and wonderful opportunities. Hence one must begin each day selecting an appropriate thought that is compelling enough for you to put all your energies into. It must motivate you sufficiently to keep pushing your limits so as to attain your objective. Procrastination is often the result of thoughts of failure, rejection, fear and confusion. Enthusiasm on the other hand is generated when thoughts of success, achievement, recognition and personal pride buzz around in the mind. The thoughts that one chooses must strike a chord in your heart. It will provide the spark that ignites the spirit and energizes and motivates one to pursue any goal with zeal and enthusiasm.

Reflect your thoughts in words and deeds Having platitudes and positive thoughts provides you the momentum for the day. However, you have to rev up your engine, press the accelerator of your life and zoom ahead. This means that you work with a plan towards a tangible goal and at every stage you are aligning your effort with your thoughts. If you start with a positive affirmation that you will close at least 2 sales orders worth X amount today, you should target the right clients to pitch to, work out the most effective manner to make the pitch and you will be able to convey your passion effectively. Targeting the right client, aligning your pitch and conveying your passion all form an integral part of the thought you have selected. Your approach will be shaped by how you plan to reflect your thoughts and deeds in action.

Try this:

  1. Make a list of your favorite quotes/ proverbs (one at least for each of the following) that relate to money / happiness / health /success /life/ future/ death.
  2. Select a quote/ thought
  • To overcome your greatest fear. ( first write down your greatest fear)
  • To inspire a friend who is suffering from an inferiority complex
  • That reflects your idea of a perfect break
  • Is so off beat and different and yet very appealing to you

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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  1. Saurabh Prabhudesai

    Hi Bobby,

    Good evening man, once again you have made my day. Was just discussing with my wife about what sort of thoughts must rule out mind.

    Just than your mail arrived. Great lines and great ideas for bringing positive thoughts.



    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Saurabh

      Must confess that you are a great motivator and your feedback very welcome. Delighted that the contents of the post have been timely. Thanks for taking time out to write in. For any individual there is no greater motivator like a quick and appreciative feedback and coming from you I value it even more.

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