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Sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make.  Bill Veeck

Many a time we bitterly regret missed opportunities and lapse into bouts of despondency and curse our own fate. Fortunately these bouts are not too frequent or disastrous. In fact if one were to reflect later, many of these missed opportunities actually seem like god send for it is possible that they were defining moments that changed the course of your life for the better. Look around and you will see people who are all chasing their own dreams and looking for that one lucky break which they believe will change the course of their destiny towards the utopia of their dreams. Perhaps if you introspect, you too are part of that crowd waiting hopefully for a bolt of good fortune and opportunity. What we often fail to see is that some of the best opportunities come in the garb of failure, bad luck and hopelessness whilst we kept our eyes open for fancier chances.

Some of us must have missed out on getting admission to a prized course or college by a whisker and it rankles us that fate was so cruel. Yet we might be doing exceptionally well in the new area of study. On hindsight perhaps it was best that you didn’t admission in the area of your choice. There must be times when you were forced to submit to your strong value systems and hence missed out on lucrative deals. Yet the clear conscience that lets you sleep peacefully is worth much more than the monetary rewards that you sacrificed. Perhaps some of you are doing exceptionally well professionally but there is strange emptiness within you. Maybe you would prefer to change tracks and pursue your passions for art, theater or teaching none of which stand up to much in a fiercely competitive and materialistic world. Ask yourself then if the deal you made to pursue the current profession was worth it?

If you participate in a bidding process you will realize that you must be well prepared to know when to back of lest your ego push you to a doomed bid.  Many a time we back off from a deal because we don’t feel it right and later regret letting our emotions overrule us. However if we follow up on the fate of that deal , more often than not our hunch would be proved right for the deal may have fallen through later. Doing a property deal for example is a very complex task for there are too many emotional variables that have to be considered apart from the practical aspects of the deal. Many a time we keep looking back wistfully at some of those property deals that we didn’t pursue and rationalize that maybe we were right. The truth is we also need to get a bit lucky in some deals.

The best deals are often the ones which we enter into with our eyes open and our hearts in place. When both are in sync then the probability of the deal really working out are very very bright. Ironically when our mind and heart are not in sync that is when we also let many a deal pass by and in the long run the probability of that being a good deal is much higher for the best deals are ones  which make you feel right in mind and heart.

Remember: “Always be closing…That doesn’t mean you’re always closing the deal, but it does mean that you need to be always closing on the next step in the process.” Shane Gibson

Try these:

  1. Pause for a moment and look at the various times we have failed or missed out on chances that came our way. Did life stop? Have you overcome the hurt and bitterness of failure? Have you taken a fresh guard to face the new innings, post failure? If your answer to these are yes then seek out the benefits of  what new opportunities that have come your way because of your failure.
  2. Play a game of poker to understand what the whole business of what a good deal is. More often than not we are passing the play because you don’t have a good hand and while you don’t have a chance of winning that game then, you certainly ensured you didn’t lose in it.

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