The future is almost here

I never think of the future.  It comes soon enough. Albert Einstein

The reason many of us never live up to our full potential is because we are constantly focusing on either the past that we cannot change or the future that is yet to arrive. While we can learn from our experiences of the past, it is pointless brooding on it and making regular ‘if only’ statements to placate our conscience. Unfortunately we spend a fair amount of time regretting the missed opportunities, hurting because we believe our approach or strategy was misguided and rue the fact that we never got a second chance. However the really bigger crime we are guilty of is fearing the future and day dreaming about it when one must actually be working to create it.

There is no doubt that planning for the future is essential for everyone but this is an exercise any prudent person will undertake in moderation. The tough part is accepting the reality called the future. What many of us visualize as the future seems light years away whereas the reality is that the future is charging towards us with every passing moment. What we really need to pay attention to is the task on hand. If we have one eye on the future we will be able to ensure that what we do is what really is the most important job, which will in the long term, align itself to our immediate and future goals.

Another blunder that we are guilty of, is our belief that the future is beyond our control. It is obvious that we can’t predict what the future really brings, but that doesn’t mean we cannot anticipate with reasonable accuracy what the future is likey to be.  By throwing ones hands up and letting the future pan out is taking a very fatalistic approach and the consequences can be disastrous. On the other hand if one were to imaginatively visualize the future trends, it is possible that we are reasonably prepared to meet it with more daring and preparation. There could be some very eventful happenings that catch us completely off guard and yet anyone who is prepared can overcome the initial shock or surprise and bring his / her life back to even keel soon enough and use the future winds to steer their course.

The best insurance for the future is good planning and a focus on today’s jobs.  The biggest advantage is that we are both busy and productive with little time to brood over what will happen. This means that we channelize our energies into activities that give us returns both monetarily and mentally thereby uplifting our self esteem and confidence. That apart, we slowly but surely are tackling the future as it unfolds without being too conscious about it and without knee jerk reactions or panic or euphoria.  We are able to adapt to the changes and adopt the new practices that swoop in on us and engulf us in its fury. While the future could make us technologically disadvantaged, it also brings us the fruits of the technological advances and at the end of the day the pros and cons even out.

We can surely spare a thought for the future now and ask ourselves what would be our response since the future is around the corner?  You must fight the ill effects of future trends and embrace the revolutions that the future brings. Ecological imbalances, depleting water resources, disposal of nuclear waste, disposal of electronic waste, hacking, phishing  etc are definite identifiable problems that the future will be staring at and we need to be proactive and take a firm stand to reduce and if possible eliminate these millstones of the future. The communication revolution, the health care and new drug therapies, the computing and data base management expertise etc are game changers of the future and it will be best that we accept it and adapt to its onslaught.

Remember: “I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.” William Allen White

Try this:

  1. List out 3 changes that you are finding hard to grapple with. Can you pinpoint the reason for not being able to adjust to these changes? Is it your fear that holds you back? Do you believe those changes wont really matter to you ?
  2. What are the 3 changes that you hope the future will bring that will benefit you a lot. Eg. A cure for diabetes or a method of reducing the insulin shots.
  3. What are the 3 changes that you are most pleased with? Eg. ATM cash dispensation or the proliferation of TV channels that enables one to keep busy in old age

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