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If it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done. Anon

It is a good thing that we aren’t robotic in our time management or else life would be too boring.  The frantic pace at which we run around at the last moment, the high level of stress and the fragility of our planning, are symptomatic of our humanness. The pleasure of a job well done is perhaps heightened, by the knowledge that some critical jobs were done at the last minute and success therefore tastes sweeter.

However, the last minute is not the best moment but it is the vital moment in a human beings life.  If it wasn’t there we would flounder desperately, panic excessively and mess up matters thoroughly. It is therefore imperative that we plan well and act on time, doing today’s work today and not leave it for another day. For routine matters have a time schedule and do not waver from it. It will also help if we standardize the routines in terms of the action to be taken and use the tools of delegation and automation to lessen the burden on us.

Some routines, like writing this blog cannot be easily delegated, but the time to write can be fixed and we must discipline ourselves to adhere to our own time schedules. It is easier to be disciplined when we are passionate and motivated like seeing a movie on the very first day of its release. However routine and not so pleasurable job requires us to have an external motivation or reward or in extreme cases a deep fear of the consequences. The last moment should be the moment of truth and not the moment to make amends for our self deception.

Remember: “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped”

Action Points:

  • Ask yourself if the present moment is the right time for you to read this blog. Was it planned or did you stray here by accident?  If you strayed here are you benefiting by reading this blog; if not you are wasting the moment.
  • Do you have a last minute checklist for major activities? That is a key step in any major plan. Incorporate that in all your plans. This could be even used when you plan a simple thing as getting ready for the exams to planning a picnic and is a must for more complicated tasks.
  • If you hear the words ‘You are wasting your time’ or ‘ You are irresponsible’ or ‘You always wait till the last moment’ then it is time for you to do a reality check and examine your own work style.

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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