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CHANGE is permanent – sounds ironic, but the reality is that this is a the pivot around which the human race has made progress in leaps and bounds. Yet change posses a challenge – the challenge of accepting change. In our growing up years, we found it easier to accept the change because we did not rationalize too much. We accepted our bodily change to adult hood as a natural progression of life. In any case there was very little that we could do to stop those changes and so we accepted the pimples and warts as also the realization of our sexuality with curiosity and a wee bit of anxiety.

However as we grow older, we prefer to cling to the tried and tested, avoid the discomfort of learning anew and anxiously bypass the challenges posed by new technology. Unfortunately, we can neither avoid the fury of change nor ignore the discomfort of being called outdated in the fast paced world. So the only option is to make friends with change and make change an allay in our personal pursuit of excellence.

So how do we embrace change wholeheartedly ? The first thing we must do is acknowledge that change is permanent and will be our allay. The next step is to adapt and adopt it at the earliest. Only then can we experience the wonders of change. See the revolution brought about by the internet or an ATM machine or a digital camera. Mobile communication and the mobile hardware and software industry are driving change at a supersonic pace and while the heart of the technology would be quantum mystery to the lay man, the use, ease and pace of change are something we can easily identify with.

The message is Don’t fight change – change our attitude !

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Bobby Jacob

Bobby Jacob

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