We are a training institution focusing on imparting High Impact Training and Effective Communication Solutions. We visualize ourselves as Change agents and are confident that we can bring about Meaningful Change in the trainees and through them in the Organisations they work for. With change as the focus, our offerings are branded as under  :
Our Corporate Training is referred to as       
The Personality Development Workshop is     
Our Effective Communication Solutions are

Act Now &

Polish your Communication skills
Calibrate your attitude
Recharge your self-esteem
&  Balance your life style

Tune up your interpersonal skills
Upgrade your self-management skills
Scale up your employability
& Overhaul your personality.
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What is Holistic Change ?

Academy for Creative Training conducts a variety of training programmes for Corporates, Educational Institutions, Social Service Organisations and Professional Bodies. The focus of our training is to bring about a Holistic Change in the trainees attending our programme. Holistic change means an allround change in the individual and includes a change in mindset, attitude and behaviour. Our end objective is to translate this Holistic Change into increased productivity at the work place.


Why choose us ?

Our training methodology incorporates a specifically tailored mix of theoretical inputs, practical exercises, case studies, games and role-plays, designed to meet the identified needs of the Organisation and the target trainees.

While we have standardized the training modules to ensure uniformity in approach, each programme offered by us is specifically tailored / designed to meet the individual goals and requirements of the target trainees and collectively channelise this synergy to meet organizations goal. Accordingly the examples, work situations in role-plays and the case studies as well as the training games and exercises are customized to meet specific requirements of each organizations training needs.
What do we offer ?

The various corporate training modules offered by us are as under :

1.    Communication Skills           2.    Self Awareness
3.    Time Management               4.    Managerial Effectiveness
5.    Personality Development     6.    Selling your way to Success
7.    Team Building                     8.    Creativity
9.    Social Skills

Who can benefit ?

This course is ideal for any individual who recognizes the need for a more DYNAMIC SELF. Your background, your language skills or your status be it that of an executive or a student will not be a limiting factor when undergoing this course. In fact, it is a must for every individual whether he /she is a student, a businessperson, a corporate executive, a professional, an employee or a housewife who wants to realize his or her full potential. Each person who undergoes the course is assured of a dramatic POSITIVE CHANGE in his / her life!
Why must YOU do this course?

In today's fast paced and competitive society, it is the person who can harness his /her full potential, who STANDS OUT in the crowd and is a WINNER. Whether it is expanding your business, achieving good grades, getting promotions, increasing clientele or getting a better job, it is your potential that you have harnessed that counts.
This workshop will assist you in:

How can YOU benefit?

What are these services ?
You can leverage our expertise in all forms of communication in English,  to reach out to your myriad audiences in innovative ways, leaving a lasting impression and ensuring the right impact on the target audience. Our services include:

How do you benefit?

You can outsource your communication needs to us and rest assured of qualitative time bound output. While you concentrate on your core business, we shall ensure that your communication uses the right channel, the correct timing and the most appropriate tone & content to effectively deliver the message.
We can even suggest ways and means of ensuring effective in house communication be it in the form of circulars, emails or routine correspondence.                                                                                               

- Holistic Change
- Positive Change
- Impactful Change                
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