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Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit. Hosea Ballou

If one were to ask people  to describe in one word what they crave for most, money would be the immediate reaction and a split second later they may modify that choice and say Happiness. If we look dispassionately we would soon realize that what ever we do in life the end goal is happiness. Money is but a means to that end. However more often than not, we confuse our wants and perhaps it is a human failing that we would prefer a tangible evidence of what we have, like money rather than the more intangible and relatively fleeting feeling of happiness.

If we appreciate the logic of tangible evidence being more creditable than the intangible one, we can easily understand why we often fall to the glitter and glitz of what money can buy. The irony is that while enjoying the pleasures of what ever money can buy we are also secretly worrying about losing our cherished possessions. Even worse is the feeling that someone else could be usurping us with even better trinkets and razzmatazz. Envy and jealousy are but two of the more common human failings and the tragedy is that these feelings won’t let you enjoy the happiness that is truly yours.

Look at our own contrasting lifestyle. While we pity the hungry and the malnourished, we find it hard to resist the calorie rich food and then pay for our workouts and special balanced food because that is style. While we debate the effects of global warming and the energy crisis we refuse to switch of our air-conditioners or give up our petrol guzzling cars because they give us happiness. While a walk in the country side could be more refreshing and healthy we would rather be pub hoping and gyrating in a smoke filled pub blasting high music because that gives us happiness.

Happiness is available in plenty, it is cheap and it can be enjoyed by one and all; if only each of us looked for it within us and not search for it by flaunting our wealth, envying others or trying to be one up on the rest of the world. Happiness is very personal but you can share it, it is hidden within you but you have to find it and remember happiness is eternal though occasionally it may be hidden behind the clouds of sadness, troubles and difficulties.

Remember: If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” -Albert Einstein

Try these:

  1. What is your favorite leisure activity? Are you fully engrossed in it whenever you spare time to peruse it? Do you ever worry that someone else may be enjoying your pursuit more? Do you crave to pursue another hobby because it is more the in thing though you are not comfortable about it? Eg. Playing golf though you think it is too slow for your tastes or going pub hoping because all your friends force you to though you prefer sitting at home and reading a book.
  2. Spend a day in an orphanage or an old age home. Actively interact with the inmates there. There will be times when you will feel sorry for them, wonder at their fate and feel agitated and upset at those who are responsible for their fate. However, when you go back and reflect on your time spent there, what is the feeling that you get? Also examine why you got those feelings and ask yourself why you don’t get similar feelings more often when at work or at home?

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Bobby Jacob

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